Forum Title: Starting up a pool with new liner
Just purchased a foreclosed home (pics over in the construction forum) and had the liner replaced. The pool should be full tomorrow and the pool company will be out Monday to fire things up and add salt. The pool is a 20 x 40 true L from what I have been told (I know nothing about pools and this is my first). I am looking for the procedures that I can do tomorrow to turn the equipment on and check the pumps and basically make sure all is well. I assume the SWG will be useless until salt is added. The pool has been neglected for over a year and it was horrible with at least 8 inches of debris in the bottom. What do I need to do to test the equipment? I assume I need to flush everything before I start the pool recirculating and checking for leaks, and I really don't want all the nasty water in the lines to go into the pool. It has a sand filter also. Thanks for all of the help I have received so far!!
Category: pool Post By: MARCUS WEBER (Upland, CA), 02/02/2019

Tell us what you know about your equipment. Is there an automation system, a simple timer, or just an on/off switch? Are there lots of valves, or just the one main valve next to the filter? The first thing to do is to clean the filter. Basically you want to set the main valve into backwash mode, and turn on the pump and make sure it works and water isn't spraying out from somewhere it shouldn't. Backwash will clean out the filter and send water out to the waste pipe. Check to make sure you know where that is. After a couple of minutes in backwash, when the water is running clear out of the filter, you can turn off the pump, set the main valve to circulate, and start filtering the water. After that you want to get PH and TA readings from your fill water to see if either of those need to be adjusted right off.

- VICTORIA WATKINS (Bellflower, CA), 04/04/2019

Ok, here is what I have. 4 returns (5 if you count to Polaris port) 2 skimmers Hayward pro series sand filter with vari-flo xl valve. Polaris Auto clear plus SWG Intermatic T104P3 timer Hayward 1.5hp self priming super pump Polaris halcyon booster pump.

- ISAAC SIMON (Alpharetta, GA), 04/13/2019

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