Forum Title: opening next week, preliminary test results
I plan on opening the pool next week. Today I tested my water for the very first time using Taylor 2006k test kit. The water is not mixed, I just wanted to get some preliminary readings so I could have everything I need on hand next weekend. Here are the results: TC: 0 PH: 7.3 (~7.25) TA: 100 CH: 110 CYA: 43 Temp: 53 (I know ) I'm wondering what results could be affected by water not being circulated before tested. In other words, what should I retest next time right before I open the pool? I'm pretty sure that I don't need to test chlorine. How about CYA? CH? I assume that I would need to retest PH/TA, right? The winter cover is still on. It looks like the only thing that is off at this point (besides the chlorine) is PH. I'm going to use borax to bring it up. I plan on using mostly cal-hypo for chlorination due to convenience, lots of rain and very soft fill water. I will use trichlor if/when I'm away or when I need to bring CYA up. If my numbers get too high, I might switch to bleach. Since cal-hypo is alkaline, should I bring PH to lower level of the proper range? Say 7.5 and let it drift up with cal-hypo use? Will the rain try to bring PH down? thank you!
Category: pool Post By: Sam Formisano (Durham, NC), 02/28/2019

I would wait until the water has circulated for 1 hour to retest all parameters except FC. PH, TA, CH and CYA may all be off if you have mainly rainwater/melted snow that has not been mixed together with the previous pool water.

- KELLY BELL (Wellington, FL), 04/03/2019

got new results today after some circulation: TC: 0 PH: 7.4 TA: 140 CYA: 40 CH: 140 Temp: 60 do i need to bring my PH up a little bit? or should i wait for TA to drift lower and bring PH up? i box of borax would get me to 7.65. i do have borax and want to add it eventually. should i add one now? and can i shock it now even if decide to add the borax? i found two liquefied tiny corpses of the chipmunks so i do want to shock the water is clear, but greenish, i could see all the way to MD.

- YVONNE CURTIS (Coeur d'Alene, ID), 03/24/2019

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