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Not using a winter cover this year in NY, My plan and my question is will it work and any suggestions. Last year we closed the pool and used the winter cover and also used the air bladder for the middle of the pool. It worked good but was a pain to get the yucky water drained off it and then take it off and wash, dry and store for the following year. So this spring we purchased a leaf net mesh cover to keep the debris off and it has worked wonders. So this year I am thinking this is what my plan is. Right now I did a full vaccum of the pool. I threw the air bladder in the middle and took out the stair and threw the leaf net over it and strapped it down. I plan on leaving it there throughout the fall and into the first few snow falls. Usually we get an inch or so for a few days and they melt soon after. Once I expect the first real snow fall I plan on taking the leaf net off and letting the pool go free all winter. I figure by then all the leaves and junk will be long gone. Once the snow melts and im sure its gone for good I plan on throwing the leaf cover and air bladder back on. My concerns are. Do I leave the pump out and running up to first freeze? or can I take it off well in advance. Second is the pool is going to get a lot more light this winter without the cover. Does this mean I need to keep adding bleach until the water freezes over? It wont be easy to agitate the water with the leaf net on and no pump running. Is this just an outright bad idea. My thinking is I try it this year and it either works and I can do again or it doesnt and i learned my lesson. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated. Thanks
Category: pool Post By: DEAN SANTOS (Roswell, NM), 02/20/2019

If you're willing to experiment and deal with any potential consequences - go for it! It doesn't sound like a bad plan. The leafnet will let small debris through it and any leaves sitting in the net that are in the water will make 'tea'. However, as long as you can remove the cover and vacuum up the stuff that bypasses the cover and keep the cl level up, things shouldn't be too bad. You will want to run the pump a few hours a day to mix any chems you add and especially any time the temp drops below freezing. Good luck with this and please let us know how it works out

- MATTIE REEVES (Binghamton, NY), 03/30/2019

Thanks Ted. Luckily with the air bladder and how tight i am able to get the net its hard as a rock. So all the leaves just tumble across the net and off the other side. Yes small debris will still be able to get through like dust, ect.. but nothing a quick vacuum wont be able to get quickly come spring. Im just worried that the pump will freeze up on me once the temperatures get cold enough. I know ill be good for the fall and spring but its the initial going from fall to winter that worries me. When to pull the pump, when i will no longer need bleach, ect...

- MARIO HOWELL (High Point, NC), 04/02/2019

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